„G’day, I’m Andrew from Australia and recently moved to Basel, Switzerland for employment with Jet Aviation. As I was not particularly familiar with the city, or the country, I searched on the internet for a suitable furnished apartment which is when I discovered Templum. They were great help, and as a result I spent almost 1.5 years living in a very comfortable, homely Templum apartment. The only reason I left and returned home was that my employment in Switzerland concluded. I highly recommend their services and assure you a pleasant experience in one of their apartments.“ – Andrew

„Abschliessend möchte ich Ihnen noch versichern, dass mir meine gut 3-jährige Zeit als Wochenaufenthalter in der Wohnung am Davidsrain 9 in Basel in guter Erinnerung bleiben wird. Besonders im 1. Jahr nach Antritt der neuen Arbeitsstelle in Basel war ich sehr froh, mich abends nach der anstrengenden Arbeit in die nahegelegene Wohnung am Davidsrain 9 zurückziehen zu können. Die Wohnung liegt in einem aufstrebenden und urbanen Quartier Basels und verfügt über eine komplette Infrastruktur mit Küche und Bad, die eine angenehme Lebensqualität garantiert. Problemlos verlief auch das Zusammenleben mit der übrigen Mieterschaft am Davidsrain 9 sowie mit dem Vermieter.“ – R.M.

My parents really liked the apartment and also said that you (and Templum) were a pleasure to deal with and wanted me to thank you for helping to make their stay so enjoyable.

„Also, I would like to mention that I enjoyed my stay in this apartment. This is a perfect accommodation for someone that is quickly looking for a place in Basel. Very convenient location, close to all commodities, in a safe and quiet neighborhood.
Besides, Templum has been very proactive in solving issues (leaks, washing machine).“ – H.H.

Templum hat die volle Verwaltung meiner Wohnung waehrend meinem Expat Aufenthalt in den US uebernommen.
Gleich zu Beginn hat sich Templum klar von anderen Anbietern differenziert und den idealen Mieter fuer eine spezielle Wohung mit Kunst- und Designausstattung gefunden. Ich konnte immer auf eine sehr rasche Reaktion, Loesungsfindung und hervorragende Betreuung rechnen.
Ich kann Templum allen empfehlen, die einen vertrauensvollen und hoechst professionellen Partner fuer die persoenlichen Liegenschaftsverwaltung suchen.

I moved to Switzerland in 2009 carrying only a couple of suitcases with me, so I urgently needed a furnished apartment. Soon after my arrival I realized this was not going to be easy, until I found Templum. The apartment they offered me was conveniently located, in a quiet area, smartly and tastefully furnished and containing all the needs one may need for a comfortable living (new bed linen and towels, kitchen goods, wireless internet, flat screen TV, cleaning services etc etc). I was unsure about the length of my stay, but with their flexi schedule, my worries about having to synchronize work and rental contracts disappeared overnight. They supported me in every way, being always very friendly, prompt and attentive with my requests. It was a blessing that we could communicate perfectly in English, as I spoke no German upon my arrival. I ended up staying for 2 years as I found no reason to move out until, in time, I became prepared to furnish my own apartment and to learn a bit of German. So, it is fair to say that my landing in Switzerland was greatly facilitated by Templum and I would fully recommend this excellent rental company to anyone coming to Basel. A.G.